About Raphael Centre


The Raphael Centre is a civil society organisation, established in South Africa in 1999 to provide support services to people living with HIV. In 2013, the Centre’s mandate broadened to incorporate health and well-being services for both HIV positive and negative people. More recently, the programme for HIV testing and counselling came to an end at the Centre since it has become available at all Public Health Care Facilities. Today, the activities of Raphael Centre are placed under one programme which is called ‘Siya Sonke’. This is in the language of the amaXhosa people and means ‘We are going together’. It reflects the idea that social and economic transformation is achieved when people gather a collective voice about the agenda for change and are working together toward a shared vision.

Under ‘Siya Sonke’ Raphael Centre facilitates strength-based community work where they collaborate with families and their social networks in Makhanda in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Their partners live in a suburb of Makhanda which is called Joza.


People trusting in their abilities, working toward social and economic change in solidarity with others.


To inspire social cohesion and the transformation of household livelihoods through people identifying and utilising their strengths.


1. An increased social cohesion through fostering community groupsand projects by Siya Sonke families and their social networks.

2. An increased resilience of Siya Sonke families through strength-based capacity building and facilitating Child & Youth Development projects.

3. An increased economic independence and participation of Siya Sonke families through mentoring and entrepreneurial groups.

4. To build a healthy, effective and sustainable organisation engaged with continued learning

To see more about Raphael Centre, visit their website here, or their Facebook page here.